West Middlesex Family History Society aims to encourage and assist those involved in the study of family history and genealogy in the western part of the ancient English county of Middlesex.

Using the menus above you will be able to find pages with details on the activities of the Society, how to join, the benefits and services available to members and helpful information on family history research in the West Middlesex area.

Researching family history around London can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with the area. If you are uncertain whether the place that interests you is in the West Middlesex area, check the Gazetteer page. You can also check the Parish Map and Parish Information pages.

Picture above: Also known as the "Timber Cathedral of Middlesex", the Great Barn at Harmondsworth is one of the longest in England. It is 192 feet long, 38 feet wide and 37 feet high. It has twelve bays and three doors. The timbers date from around 1426 and most are still the original. See December 2011 issue of the West Middlesex Family History Society Journal.

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Society news

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 15 October 2015 at Montague Hall, Hounslow. Doors open at 7.00 pm. This meeting will start as the Extraordinary General Meeting which has been called to approve wind up of the Society.  The meeting will then continue with a talk by Kirsty Gray titled Tracing the History of a Community.

The Society needs your help

The Society is currently running without either Chairman or Secretary, and with a committee of just 4. If you are willing and able to join the committee, or even fill one of these vacant positions please use 'Contact us' and make yourself known to the (acting) chairman.


The Society would like to run a Facebook page, and is looking for a volunteer to do this. If you are willing and able to help do this please use 'Contact us' and make yourself known to the (acting) chairman, or webmaster.

Recent updates


Future meetings updated with Jan-Mar 1916 meetings.


Six birth/marriage/death certificates added to the database.


Announcement of Extraordinary General Meeting(15-Oct-2015) added.


Chairman/Secretary and Facebook news items added.


Contacts page updated.


Research-Indexes-General page updated.

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