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The Society has been a sponsor of West London Local History Conferences for many years, and as the occasion demands we will also sponsor other broadly similar events.

The next West London Local History Conference was originally scheduled for 21st March 2020,but it never happened due to Coronavirus. The programme for the conference may be seen at this link. The statement about postponement is given here.

The new date is Saturday 28th November. Information on the event is provided at Richmond Local History Society's Home page , in particular the action that existing ticket holders to the event should take, either to attend or to return their tickets.

Our representative to the conference is Kay Dudman who should be contacted (kaydudman@tiscali.co.uk) for tickets to the event - cost was £15.

Society news

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on 17th December and will be Zoom party time for Christmas. Bring your own crackers and refreshments. There will be a quiz.

Next Fair

We shall be running our virtual stall (with chat) at the Family History Show Online on Saturday 20th February 2021.

Next Advice Session

Advice sessions run at Feltham Library have had to be suspended, but advice may be requested by email. See the Advice page.

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Digitised journals now go back to 1992, all fully indexed.


Matt Brown's London Etymology Map has been added as an option to our Parish Maps page.


New image (and tip) of the month.


Committee minutes for September 2020 added to Members Area.


Tickets at half price for our members for next year's family history show - see our Discounts page .


New image (and tip) of the month.

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