WMFHS Advice Sessions

The Society runs a programme of Family History Advice sessions, to which anyone is welcome, whether new to family history research or not, and whether a member of the Society or not.

At an Advice session an experienced member of our Society will spend about 45 minutes with you to advise you on possible ways to move forward with your family history research.

The sessions run from 10:00am to 1:00pm, and are held at Feltham Library, The Centre, High Street, Feltham, TW13 4GU, as indicated on the map.

It is preferable that you book youself into a time slot, so that we can avoid trying to help two visitors at the same time. Please send an email to the Advice Session Coordinator to tell us when you would like to visit, and what you would most like to achieve.

The sessions take place on the third Saturday of each month. This is the planned schedule of Advice sessions through to the end of 2019. There is no Advice session on April 20th 2019 as this is Easter Saturday and Feltham Library will be closed.

  • January 19th 2019
  • (Ann & Muriel)
  • February 16th 2019
  • (Roland)
  • March 16th 2019
  • (Ann & Muriel)
  • May 18th 2019
  • (Roland)
  • June 15th 2019
  • (Ann & Muriel)
  • July 20th 2019
  • (Roland)
  • August 17th 2019
  • (Ann & Muriel)
  • September 21st 2019
  • (Roland)
  • October 19th 2019
  • (Ann & Muriel)
  • November 16th 2019
  • (Roland)
  • December 21st 2019
  • (Ann & Muriel)

    A request for volunteer advice givers

    Would you join our small team of advice givers? It's all on a best efforts basis. We have 3 advisors at present but would like a few more just to lighten the load. If you feel up to it and can be available on Saturday mornings (as above) please use the email link above to make yourself known to Ann Greene, who coordinates the Advice sessions.

    Have you hit a brick wall?

    If you are a member, and have come to a brick wall, or just need help; provided it is a matter that can be replied to briefly, we will try to give you return advice by email. Just send an email to the Advice Session Coordinator. No garantees on this one.

    Society news

    Next Meeting

    Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 16th May 2019 at St. John's Centre, Isleworth. Doors open at 7.15 pm. The focus of the meeting will be a talk by James Marshall titled The Great West Road and Brentford Golden Mile.

    Next Fair

    The next fair we will be attending is Family Tree Live at Alexandra Palace on 26/27th April 2019.

    Next Advice Session

    Our next Advice Session will be held at Feltham Library on Saturday 18th May from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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